Heads up! We have a break coming up – Get Your Order In!

Digilent has a planned closure coming up for a week, in the month of February. Our sales and technical support  departments will be open, however orders placed between the dates of February 15th- 20th may experience a delay in shipping. So, if you have a time sensitive or an academic discount order, we would encourage you to place your order before 3PM February 9th!

To make sure that you can still get your products in time, our Distributors will be open and shipping with no delay during this time. Distributors such as Digi-Key and Mouser offer world wide shipping and carry the full Digilent inventory. You can find the list of our Distributors here. 

As a reminder, you can find the list of all of our 2018 planned closures on our website: Closure Schedule

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2 Comments on “Heads up! We have a break coming up – Get Your Order In!”

    1. Hi Gasstationwithoutpumps, good feedback on my post. I worded it poorly if that is the impression you got! Thank you.

      We are a Seattle/Pullman based company with supply chains in Asia. This year we’ve been focusing on shipping costs and are trying a few services that are affected by the Chinese New Year. However, all of our offices are still open, we just wanted to give our customers a heads up that there would be delays!


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