Pmod Monthly Episode 5 Is Here!


Another month, another Pmod Monthly video! This month’s episode presents a Simon Says game done with Pmods.

This month’s project uses the PmodAMP2, PmodDA4, and PmodSWT to create a game of Simon Says. Like a traditional game of Simon Says, there are elements of emulation and following signals. The chipKIT WF32 takes the place of Simon, initiating a series of LED flashes. It increments the number of flashes based on whether you answer correctly the previous time. There are two modes of the game, easy and hard. (There may also be a promo code somewhere in the video with 30% off the Pmods used!)

Thank you for tuning in, and if you enjoy this project, next month will have another fun one!


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  1. Miranda Hansen on

    This is a super cool project. I just have a few questions:
    1. What was the inspiration for making this project?
    2. Would you recommend this for a beginners first Pmod project?
    3. What exactly are “Simon’s” credentials? Why should I have to do what he says?

  2. Samantha Woodman on

    I really like how you used 3 different Pmods to implement this project. I also liked how you increased to difficulty on the Simon says, I would not have thought of changing the pattern each time.

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