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A couple of weeks ago, Talesa wrote a post letting everyone know that the Pmod Monthly video series is starting up again. Well, the first of those is up today!

This fourth episode focuses on how maneuverable Pmods are, giving them “plug-and-play” capabilities that allow for almost innumerable possibilities! LabVIEW and LINX further extend this potential.

This particular video showcases Dharsan’s plug-and-play Pmods Instructable. It uses the PmodTC1 (a thermocouple) to regulate temperature, the PmodALS to moderate the ambient light, and the PmodMIC3 (a MEMS microphone) to control sounds. You may also notice that these are part of this week’s blog giveaway

Dharsan’s demo is configurable for a variety of microcontrollers, though he is using the chipKIT WF32. The communications protocol that these particular Pmods use is SPI, so it’s necessary to select that protocol on LINX’s front panel.This allows for data collection from each of the Pmods.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Cristina. I have a question. I tried to use a PmodOLEDrgb connected to Zedboard. I followed the tutorial “Pmod Monthly – October 2016 – Pmod IPs” and I also checked if the Zynq pins are connected correctly.

    I have no error, but when I program the FPGA and run the application, nothing is displayed.
    I need a little help, because I am not sure why it doesn’t work.

    I have downloaded the vivado-boards and vivado-library from the website and I used Vivado 2016.2 for the design.

    Thank you in advance,

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