Pmod Summer Sale: Get Your Summer Project On!

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Get your summer project on with the Digilent Summer Pmod Sale! You’ve been slaving away all school year attending classes, taking your kids to classes, teaching classes, all the while letting those personal projects sit on the back burner. Well it’s time to reward yourself. And we at Digilent want to reward you too!




                                       -Project Life Mastery

With summer right around the corner, we at Digilent want to enable you to fulfill your wildest summer project dreams. That’s why we’ve discounted ALL our Pmod peripheral modules up to 70% off! The sale officially begins TODAY and will last the duration of the summer. Check out the new pricing breakdown in the tables below.

pricing comparison

Pricing breakdown of Pmods before and after the sale… a total of 58 Pmods now under 20$!

We also have a lot of great Pmod projects to help get the creative juices flowing. I’ll highlight a few of our favorites.

Simon Says with LEDs

Simon Says 2

Simon Says the old fashioned way (bottom) and the Digilent way (top).

Does anyone remember the old Simon Says game that used to be in arcades and pizza parlors? The game would light up the four different colored buttons in increasingly long patterns and the gamer was challenged to remember and repeat the pattern. I loved that game as a kid! I imagine I only would have been more satisfied with it if I had made it myself. Now we all can thanks to James Colvin and his thorough Instructable!

Digilent’s take on the classic game of Simon Says involves a chipKIT WF32 wifi enabled microcontroller, some LEDs, a speaker, two PmodSWT’s for a total of eight user slide switches, a PmodDA4 digital-to-analog converter, a PmodAMP2 audio amplifier and an additional button and some cables/wires. The microcontroller is programmed to light up the LEDs in increasingly difficult patterns and the user is challenged to repeat the pattern using the slide switches. If you’re correct, a victorious sound will emit but if you are incorrect, the dreaded wah, wah, waaaahhh will play. This is a great way to learn some microcontroller basics such as how to communicate with add-on boards in general, communicating over SPI specifically, blinking LEDs and creating sound, all of which is handled by various Instructables written by James.

For additional support material you can find reference manuals for each product as well as libraries and example code by going to the Digilent Wiki. Also see our Simon Says video on the Digilent YouTube channel.

Claw Game

Claw Game

Claw game featured at ECEDHA 2016 where Digilent was the ECExpo sponsor.

Sticking with the arcade game theme, Kaitlyn Franz has created the Digilent version of the claw game and she has included an entire Instructables series that details everything from controlling servos and stepper motors with an FPGA to building the physical structure and even debugging digital logic using an Analog Discovery 2. And that’s not even everything! Make sure you visit her Instructables for a wealth of information.

For a beginner with FPGA’s this is an excellent summer project as it is liable to take some time and be a good challenge, while the extensive support material we’ve provided is there to get you unstuck if needed. The Digilent hardware used in this project centers around the Basys 3 Artix-7 FPGA trainer board with the PmodJSTK providing the joystick user interface, and the PmodSTEP stepper motor driver and the PmodCON3 servo connectors driving the motors and bringing the game to life. Although it is challenging, much like the classic arcade version, I’ve actually seen a lot of people win this one! Check out this video of our friend Cathy Wicks of Texas Instruments playing at ECEDHA 2016.

Keep your eyes peeled for an additional Pmod Monthly video on this topic coming up soon!

(Hint: there will be additional deals)!

Raspberry Pi Rainbow Ruler

Raspberry Pi Rainbow Ruler

LabVIEW interface for the Raspberry Pi Rainbow Ruler project.

The final project I’ll highlight in this post is the Raspberry Pi Rainbow Ruler by Sudharsan Sukumar. Dharsan is our resident LabVIEW MakerHub LINX expert and he’s created this cool project to celebrate the release of LINX 3.0! He’s written a blog post as well as posted a couple tutorials on Instructables that will take you from getting LabVIEW installed on your Raspberry Pi to completing the final project.

This project uses the Raspberry Pi 2, a PmodACL2 MEMS accelerometer and a Digilent PCB Ruler in order to change the color of the LED based on the accelerometer measurements. Additionally you will need LabVIEW Home (or any other version of LabVIEW), which is now conveniently sold on the Digilent website separately or as a bundle with the Raspberry Pi 2 in the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit for Raspberry Pi 2! (Note we also sell similar kits for the BeagleBone Black and the chipKIT WF32). Maybe this project can even give you a head start on the first ever LabVIEW Makerhub Design Contest!

So again, the Pmod Summer Sale officially begins TODAY and continues throughout the summer. I hope these projects have shown you a range of the cool things you can do with Pmods and inspired you to take advantage and get your summer project on! Remember, you’ve earned it.


For any questions or comments leave a word below! Or visit the Digilent Forum and Digilent Wiki for further support.

Happy Summer and good luck with your projects!

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