Printoo: 2D Printed Circuits

Right now everyone is talking about 3D printing, but at least one group thinks 2D printing isn’t dead yet. Last month, Ynvisible launched their KickStarter campaign to produce Printoo, a set of thin, flexible Arduino-compatible boards and modules.

flexiblePCB - Printoo
Printoo’s components are thin and flexible.

Printoo can be combined with electronic ink, such as those from Bare Conductive and  Circuit Scribe to create custom paper thin circuits. A few weeks ago in our MakerSpace, we used copper tape for the same effect! Printoo’s Kickstarter Campaign just ended a few days ago, and we are excited to see where the project goes from here.

ThinLED Strip
350 micron-thin LED strip. That’s really thin!
Paper-thin electrochromic screen that only requires 1.5 volts to operate.

Printoo is also working with BITalino  to create smart wearable physiological sensor modules.

The small, adaptable package and connectability with Bluetooth makes Printoo a very adaptable platform for building your own internet of things. We’re excited to see what can be done with Printoo!

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