Projects from the Hardware Hackathon: The Interactive Notification Case

Technology should be accessible for everyone, including those who have experienced hearing loss (and those who just don’t want to hear it). This light-up interactive notification case lets you know you have phone notifications without using sound. The weekend before last, Digilent sponsored the WSU-hosted Hardware Hackathon. We’re excited to show you more  of the amazing projects students came up with. Students had 24 hours to complete their projects. This was posted on Instructables by  on behalf of Team Awesome.

To make this interactive phone case with LED indicators for notifications you will need 1206 SMD LEDs, a chipKIT DP32, a PmodBT2, resistors, an Analog Discovery, USB adapters, a battery pack, and batteries.You also need access to a 3D printer, MPIDE, and Digilent WaveForms. This project is designed to integrate seamlessly into the Internet of Things.

To get started, design the case (3D modeling) and print/build it. Then, test the various electronics components to make sure they work. This is always a good idea, but especially in a scenario like the HW Hackathon where there’s a time crunch. Solder the connecting parts onto the DP32. At that point, create your code and troubleshoot. You should be done!

The final product.
The final product.

For more in-depth instructions and access to Team Awesome’s code, take another look at the Instructable. Great project!


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