Proximity-Sensing LEDs to Help Lighten Up Your Day

This time of year, it’s easy to slip into a funk of finals and stress-inducing studying. But how to snap out of this haze? With some fun LEDs, of course. Will’s proximity-sensing LED projects from last year provide a fun, cheerful break from end-of-semester blues.


Check out both the initial post and the project detailing getting the circuit onto PCB. Having done this project myself, I can verify its fun factor!

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One Comment on “Proximity-Sensing LEDs to Help Lighten Up Your Day”

  1. Hi, this project “Proximity-Sensing LEDs” is really awesome 🙂
    I am building the same way as your schematic and my LED doesn’t want to turn on. I am using 9 volts, checked IR with mobile and IR working.
    When I goes with my hand over cluster nothing happend. Just for test I tried with one powered IR in my hand and goes over photo-transistor and it light up. Can you please help me. I have attached a photo on you site:

    Please help because this project I use for my thesis.

    Best regards,

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