Quick and Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which can present a problem for those of us who are prone to forgetting holidays and events. If you find yourself scrambling around for gift ideas then look no further as we present our best ideas for last minute gifts.

Handmade Cards

Greeting cards are always a great bet for easy homemade gifts and provide enormous potential for creative expression. While wandering around your house you can often find some common card crafting supplies, such as card stock or printer paper, string, markers, and possibly some small electronic parts. Last year we introduced a card crafting Instructable (click here) that uses a basic knowledge of circuits to build light-up Valentine’s Day cards.

Learn how to make your own paper circuit Valentine's Day card here!
Learn how to make your own paper circuit Valentine’s Day card here!

If you lack the necessary materials to build your own circuit based card, then captioning a favorite photo or memory is another great card idea. Many greeting card companies search antique shops for old photographs that can be paired with a humorous phrase, and these are often very successful gifts. Finding your own photo that recalls a favorite experience or moment is a great way to update and add your own personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gift.

Image found here.
Image found here.

Find a Poem to Share

If Valentine’s Day cards are not quite your style, another option for easy gift ideas is writing or finding relatable poetry online. Sitting down and sharing a poem you wrote (or found) that captures your emotions can hold a special significance for your partner. The best personal poems may not be worded perfectly, but contain a message that displays your true feelings to your best extent. A quick search online will also provide numerous poems from famous, or not so famous, individuals that may work if they apply to your relationship.

Make Paper Flowers

If your partner loves flowers, but you find yourself on a budget, making paper flowers is an alternative to crazy Valentine’s Day flower prices. Online you can find hundreds of paper flower variations that range in size from minute to huge paper constructions. Switching up the style of paper flower can produce a wonderful bouquet, which can be spiced up with the addition of perfume or cologne as a fragrance element.

Learn how to make your own newspaper flowers here.
Learn how to make paper flowers here.
Add LEDs to paper lights like the ones found here.
Add LEDs to paper lights like the ones found here.

Make a Meal

Food is often considered a fantastic way to a loved one’s heart. Making a meal for someone, despite your cooking skill level, can be a great way to show affection. Meals that relate to your significant other’s tastes will surely compliment any Valentine’s Day expectations. For ideas on easy and tasty recipes, try looking at cooking blogs or media outlets that provide regular meal options. Cooking blogs are one of the best, and possibly most under utilized, source for meal ideas where the chefs break down common issues or struggles they encountered when preparing the dish.

Find romantic ideas for Valentine's Day meals here.
Find romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day meals here.

Whether you forgot about the upcoming day, or your plans fell through, we hope these ideas for easy and memorable Valentine’s Day gifts help you achieve the day you (or your partner) anticipate. If you have any ideas that made your Valentine’s Day a success in the past, we would love to hear about your triumphs in the comments below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. The paper circuit cards look like a great idea. I think I’ll try something like that, maybe make a heart o a letter shape with small leds. The paper ligths also look nice for setting the mood for a romantic dinner, maybe I could use some instead of candles. This ideas set me in the valentines day mood just in time. 🙂

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