Raspberry Pi Universal Remote at NI week

One of the demos we showed at NI Week 2017 was my Raspberry Pi universal remote. This demo  demonstrates how LIRC enables LabVIEW to control a TV, a Roku and Kodi running on the Raspberry Pi itself.

In this demo we demonstrate 3 different ways that you can control your Raspberry Pi universal remote. The first way is via a LabVIEW VI that allows you to pick from your pre-programed remote profiles. Once you choose a remote you will be able to pick from the list of buttons available for that remote, then simply press the send button to transmit that command.

You can also control your RPI universal remote from a tablet using the Data Dashboard. This works in a way that is similar to the Send VI I talked about above, with the sliders selecting the remote and the command that you want to send. Once you have the correct command selected, toggle the switch control and press the call button. Make sure you toggle the bottom control each time before you send another command.

The final way you can send commands with RPI remote is using an older remote. If you lose one of your remotes you can simply go online and find it’s LIRC remote profile from the database, once you add it to your LIRC profiles you can run a LabVIEW VI that will send those LIRC commands when it receives the same command from another remote. In this demonstration, I control a Samsung TV using a Vizio remote.

Another perk of installing LIRC onto your Raspberry Pi is that once you configure a remote profile that remote will be able to control your Raspberry Pi. This means you can use old remotes to control Raspberry Pi entertainment applications like Kodi!

Thank you for reading my blog post. Make sure to check out my Instructable where I give step by step instructions on how to complete this project. This project requires the LabVIEW computing kit for the Raspberry Pi 2. This kit includes a copy of LabVIEW 2014 home edition and everything you will need to run LINX 3.0 and start making projects. Please comment with any questions or comments you may have.

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