Recap: Digilent and Beti workshop in Turkey

I just got back from Ankara and I am happy to share some of what happened at the first Digilent and Beti workshop for the staff from few universities in Turkey.

Gazi University
Gazi University.

The host instituiton was Gazi University, a public university established in 1926 by the Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Attendants from more than 12 universities spent one full day there (some of the them even had to drive more than five hours to the venue on a hot Saturday!).

Digilent set-up
Digilent set-up.

The workshop organizers, our distributor in Turkey, made all the arrangements for everyone, ensuring both their comfort getting all they can from this event.

Workshop preparations
Workshop preparations.

In the opening session, the general manager from Beti, Emrah Issever, welcomed everyone and then I shared Digilent’s culture and mission of bringing the latest technology to the students and educators. I then introduced the workshop presenter, Mircea Dabacan, who manages the Digilent team in Romania and also teaches at Technical University in Cluj-Napoca .

Beti welcome
Beti welcoming the attendees.
Digilent Introduction
Digilent’s introduction.

The morning session focused on using Vivado software from Xilinx run on Basys 3. Attendees had use hand-on labs to demonstrate the RTL design flow, IP core usage, simulation, and debugging. The advisers found labs useful in their preparing to either introduce Basys 3 in their curricula or help migrate from Basys 2 to Basys 3.

At the end of the session, Mircea made the transition to the next part of the workshop, Analog Discovery, by showing how the both devices can be used to better understand signal processing. He used Digilent peripheral modules (Pmods) to scope the output signals from Basys 3 by using Analog Discovery.

Attendants interested about the Digilent products stand
Attendees interested in the Digilent products stand.

The breaks were used for fruitful exchange of information and the attendees could find out about the new Digilent boards available, the Nexys Video and the upcoming Genesys 2.

In the afternoon session  focused on the labs required to build simple electronic circuits. They used LEDs, capacitors, and resistors to analyze the characteristics of a simple circuit with the small but complex Analog Discovery.

Attendants building the breadboard circuit
Attendees building the breadboard circuit.

Even at the end of an intensive work day, everyone was excited about how useful this tool is in students’ hands.

For me, it was interesting learning more about education in Turkish universities, and I was happy to see opportunities for Digilent to add its support.

Attendants at Ankara Workshop
Attendees at the Ankara workshop.

You can find the workshop materials at Stay tuned for more workshops!


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2 Comments on “Recap: Digilent and Beti workshop in Turkey”

  1. I had an invitation to this event but I didn’t attend it because of my very important project in IBM.
    So I’m so sad for losing lots of informations regarding to this event. As I read the blog
    everything was succesfull and satisfactory for all participants. Many thanks to Digilent and
    Beti; especially to Mr. Emrah İssever. Waiting for the new events soon.

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