Recap for SEFI 2014 Conference in Birmingham, UK

I just got back from Birmingham, and I’m eager to share some of the experiences we had at SEFI 2014 Conference. It took place from September 16-18, bringing Digilent in front of the pan-European university representatives.  The event was organized in conjunction with our distributor from Germany, Trenz Electronic.


The first day, Mircea Dabacan held the Digilent pre-conference workshop, “ Hands-On Learning with All-in-One Portable Lab”.

The participants at the Digilent pre-conference workshop learning how to use the Analog Discovery.

Among the participants, a researcher from Leuven University in Belgium, found appropriate methods to help students in analogue labs, the subject of his area of research.


During the three days of the conference, Digilent exhibited demos, the ChipKIT WF32, and the latest Basys 3 board.

Digilent booth at the SEFI 2014 Exhibition.


These demos included the color filter demo based on our Zybo board showing the video conversion capabilities of the programmable Xilinx Zynq Z-7010 and the AD654 voltage-to-frequency converter experiment with the Analog Discovery. The experimental circuit is built on the breadboard and uses components provided by the Digilent Analog Parts Kit.

Professor asking about Digilent products at our booth.

We focused on highlighting the benefits of the Learn site, a useful tool for professors and students to use in their educational programmes. Trenz was great about providing the professional support necessary to organize this.


The same day, I was proud to represent Digilent in the plenary industry session. Seven panelists were invited to share the visions of their respective companies: National Instruments, Mathworks, Digilent, Dassault Systems, Maplesoft, Airbus, and representatives from Finnish Student Members representatives. The topic was “Engineering Skills Challenges”.

Talking at the plenary industry session about Digilent’s vision for improving engineers’ skills.


I was again thrilled to share the ways Digilent responds to so many questions in engineering education and in preparing graduating engineering students to be better equipped to confront the challenges present within the field.


After all the workshop busyness, the dinners organized in the sumptuous historical buildings in Birmingham (the Great Hall at Birmingham University and Birmingham Town Hall) were a good opportunity to network and have fun.

Chatting about how Digilent products can help Spanish university students.


All in all, it was a good conference and a step forward in Digilent’s mission better known in the European academic community. We look forward to continuing to share our message and hope to see you all at future conferences and events.

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