Recapping the Week: December 6-12

Greetings, and happy holidays!ย The prize this week is an Arty board. Last week’s giveaway, an Analog Discovery 2, is still in progress. Today is the last day to be entered, and we’ll do the drawing for it on Monday. We will also have a post with more defined guidelines for giveaways. Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

Interesting things around Digilent:

20151116_153947 DIY robotic arm by Miranda.
smart-door-configured ย You can build a smart door.
Make your own dancing snowman buddy! Frozen attacks…with a snowman you can build at home.'ll be taken here, where you can complete your purchase. The time has come to buy FPGAs from our new site!



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5 Comments on “Recapping the Week: December 6-12”

  1. (jingle bells aka single wire)
    Dashing through the code,
    in the one wire open library,
    over the variables we go,
    crying all the way,
    beeps from compile errors ring,
    we can’t just get it right.
    Oh what fun it is to type and curse,
    at some Atmel code tonight.

    S-Wire, S-Wire,
    Single wire it away.

    Ok I’m tired of this and it actually isn’t that good.
    Best Holiday wishes to everyone, Oh and I have absolutely EVERYTHING I can cross… crossed for
    the contest, I’m even using telekinesis right now to guarantee my name is drawn… ok not really…
    but still hoping pretty hard lol.

  2. I know very little about electronics. My 15 y.o. son is designing an 8 bit computer using logic chips and free logic simulator software. It was suggested to me that I should get him an FPGA development board so he could test and develop his logic at far less cost than using discrete logc ICs. I was also told to look for Vivado over ISE. Is this the gizmo he needs? Would he qualify for an educational discount as a (non-university) student?

  3. I would love to implement Ethernet connected media encoder using Arty, with some visual feedback on encoding progress using LEDs (I have a Digilent Pmod8LD Module) or LCD or maybe even VGA. The encoded media would then get streamed back to my laptop. My main target is encoding my ogg vorbis video files to h.264 so that I can free me extremely slow laptop from this task. And the hardware based encoding will result in significantly quick encoding, compared to my laptop which takes ~45 minutes for a 5 minutes video!

    Arty has sufficient Block RAMs and DSP blocks for this purpose and also 256 DDR3 memory would be more than enough to buffer the input and output streams going through Ethernet.

    I’ll be using Migen/Misoc based system for implementing the project, mainly because I’m familiar with it and also because Ethernet core for Arty has already been implemented on Misoc! ๐Ÿ™‚

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