Recapping the Week: November 29-December 5

Greetings! We hope you had a good holiday break if you’re one of our US customers, and a pleasant week if you’re located elsewhere. The prize this week is an Analog Discovery 2. Last week’s giveaway, a PmodACL, went to Kursat Gol! We will be tallying comments all week, and the winner will be announced in next weekend’s recap post. So, if you want that winner to be you, start commenting here on our blog. Any post, any project. Additionally, show us proof that you’ve shared this post on social media, and you can get one as well. (Sharing it on multiple platforms doesn’t get you multiple devices, sorry.)

Interesting things around Digilent:

analog-discovery-2-kit The Analog Discovery 2 is here!
reflow-oven-main One of the projects from the HW Hackathon is a reflow toaster oven.
logic-analyzer-test-microcontroller How to test a microcontroller with a logic analyzer. 
3d-print-christmas-meta-ornament 3D printing for the holidays.




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6 Comments on “Recapping the Week: November 29-December 5”

  1. Shared the post on
    Im a teacher by profession and passion and am always looking for new and improved methods for working with electronics. I also blog about stuff for my students and others such as tutorials etc. 🙂

  2. I shared on twitter :

    Hi, I’m Anderson Marín. I’m a electronic engineer and the electronic is my hobby too. The new Analog Discovery 2 looks so interesting and I love its look.

  3. I would be thrilled to have the new Analog Discovery 2 to help me with my PhD research (which includes a lot of hardware hacking and repair). Also I would use it for the embedded electronics group I facilitate at my university’s makerspace. Hoping Santa can help make my wish come true!

  4. Gee, I sure would love to have it under my christmas tree… if only I had one…
    Would you also add a tree to the giveaway ? No ? Just a branch then ? Well what about a merry christmas ? 😀

    Anyway, whoever wins, they should make a video jumping around, full of joy, with the rest of the family
    wondering: “Why is she so happy ? Is there chocolate inside that box ?”

  5. Marry Christmas !
    Me (and my team mates) would use this instead of our 2-3 multimeter and lots of unsorted wires laying on whole table, this would make our desk lot cleaner and organized. For what? University projects and Fun projects hahah.
    Thanks for doing such giveaway.

    OK here is the proof that I shared

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