Recapping the Week: September 20-26

We have now begun the weekly give-away for our top blog commenter. The prize is a chipKIT WF32. We will be tallying comments all week, and our first winner will be announced in next weekend’s recap post. (There were no non-Digilent commenters this week.) So, if you want that winner to be you, start commenting here on our blog.

Interesting things around Digilent:

The envelope that the $10 version of Vivado Design edition comes in. What is the device-locked, node-locked version of Vivado Design Edition?
FM1NX8DGY4RFM0F.MEDIUM  A simple stilts project. 
Some of the Fritzing Tutorials made by me. Digilent Fritzing parts are now available on the Wiki. 
ZYBO  Make your own automated ecosystem for home and garden.



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