Red, White and Blue Sale!

We’re kicking off summer with a Red, White and Blue Sale to solve all of your workspace needs! Decorate your space with specials on products for any level of engineering or technology experience. Choose from a carefully curated list of products to support a variety of summer projects, such as beginning FPGAs, advancing with Arduino, exploring the world of IoT technology, and more!

For those just beginning to learn basic engineering principles, we have significantly discounted the Anvyl Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board. This ready-to-use digital circuit development platform is the perfect starter board for early FPGA users, complete with source files and step-by-step documentation (all found free on the Digilent Wiki). Follow along with the 18 free demo projects and learn beginning FPGA principles from board setup to interfacing with select peripheral modules.

Another product featured in the Red, White and Blue Sale is perfect for individuals familiar with the Arduino ecosystem. The Analog Shield is our high-performance add-on board for the Arduino Uno and was designed through a collaboration with Stanford University and the TI University Program. Originally created as a way to bridge students’ learning into the world of analog electronics, the Analog Shield is supported by a collection of Instructables tutorials prepared by Stanford University. Users can find these free tutorials on the Digilent Wiki to support a variety of Arduino projects, contributing to a greater understanding of analog signals.

Our Red, White and Blue Sale also has products to support your exploration of IoT with the discounted Wi-Pi USB WiFi Module. Some of you may have met this product at previous NI Weeks where we showcased our Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black Sumo Bots. The Wi-Pi module can be used with multiple development platforms, making it a favorite in the Digilent MakerSpace and an ideal project component for anyone wishing to advance their IoT knowledge!

Most excitingly, this sale has a last minute edition that we’re pleased to announce! For one week only you can find the original Arty Artix-7 FPGA discounted on the Digilent Store. This board comes fully supported with tutorials, example projects, and a blog series documenting one employee’s first experience with FPGAs. Pick up a few peripheral modules and explore FPGAs with even greater project functionality, remembering that you can always find help on the Digilent Forum.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for new project inspiration or an experienced engineer hoping to expand your collection, you won’t want to miss out on our Red, White and Blue Sale! Check out these products and more before July 5th, 2017 when the discounts disappear.

We hope you all have a safe weekend and don’t forget to share your project achievements with us on social media!

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