Resistor Calculator – Digilent’s First App!

Digilent just released their first app, the Resistor Calculator! The best way to find the app on your phone is to search “Digilent” in the play store. Right now the app is only released on the Google Play Store for Android, but all devices can go to to load the app from anywhere!



This app includes a resistor with three clickable bands to change their colors, a resistance value, and a color-coded table that helps users learn how the resistance values are calculated. The awesome thing about this app is that each one of the three components (resistor, resistance value, and table) can each be changed, causing the others to update accordingly! This means that if you don’t know the resistance value for your resistor you can enter the colors by either clicking on the resistor bands and selecting the correct color or by clicking on the table, and the resistance value will be shown. Similarly, if there’s a specific resistance value you want and you don’t know the colors, just type in the resistance value you want and the colors will update to show the resistor colors you need.


This app was made using the Ionic2 Javascript framework which allows you to create cross-platform apps. The app is also open source and available on Github.

If you have any feature requests or feedback, visit the Digilent forum and make a post!

2 Comments on “Resistor Calculator – Digilent’s First App!”

  1. I’m super excited for this app! In most of the existing apps for resistor calculation you can only go from color to number but not number to color.

    Resistance is no longer futile.

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