Richard Wall: A Design Challenge

This week we have something a little different. In previous weeks, we’ve looked at projects discussing asynchronous and synchronous communication with microcontrollers. What we haven’t had yet is a design challenge!

Logic analyzer trace capture of the channel outputs for four RC servos.
Logic analyzer trace capture of the channel outputs for four RC servos.

This design challenge should give you the knowledge you need to put together an 8-channel RC servo controller . “Radio control (RC) servos are small, inexpensive actuators commonly used in the hobbyist market for small robotic devices, such as remotely controlled miniature cars, airplanes, and helicopters,” states Dr. Wall. The version of the project in the design challenge only supports four servos, but that’s where the challenge lies. By addressing several issues and making some changes, it can be adjusted to accommodate the full eight.


You’ll end up using theĀ PmodCLP parallel character LCD, so make sure you check that out. Comment here or on the Digilent Forum to let us know how you get the challenge done.

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