Richard Wall: Controlling a DC Motor

After last week’s exciting design challenge, we’re back to a more traditional project — one with an incredibly practical application. We’ll be using the chipKIT Pro MX7 to control a DC motor.

Generation of a PWM signal from an AC source signal.
Generation of a PWM signal from an AC source signal.

The purpose of this ninth project in the series is to learn how to generate a proportional output using the output compare resource on the PIC32 MX processor so that you can implement digital-to-analog conversion with pulse-width modulation (PWM). The proportional output will be used to control the speed of a DC motor.


You’ll end up using the PmodCLP parallel character LCD, so make sure you check that out. Comment here or on the Digilent Forum to let us know about any issues or fun ideas you had regarding this project.


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