Running the MPIDE HTTP Server Example

Starting out with the chipKIT WF32 can be scary. So we’re gonna go over how to use the deWebServer example that you can find in the newer version of MPIDE. In order for this to work, you’ll need a couple things. If you’re just starting out, check out this Instructable about uploading code to MPIDE. You’ll need the following:

  1. Computer with MPIDE
  2. Internet Connection
  3. WF32
  4. Micro SD Card
  5. Mini-USB to USB connector cable

Opening the Example

To get all the code you need for the WF32, all you need to is open the example in MPIDE and everything should pop up! Below is a handy picture to find the code.


Adding your credentials

Now that you have the the example code open, move to the HTTPServerConfig.h file.

Go to line 135 and line 150. Line 135 is where your SSID is going to go, and line 150 is your SSID’s password. *In order to connect the WF32 website with your computer, you need to be connected to the same network.



Uploading the Example

Now that you’ve got your credentials in the code, it’s time to upload the code to the WF32! Just hit the upload button and the WF32 will be all ready! We need to keep the WF32 plugged in so we can see the Serial Monitor (this will give us the IP address).


Setting up your MicroSD Card

The WF32 uses a MicroSD card to read in HTML files. You can download this file and picture to test everything out and get started with. In order for the WF32 to find the files you downloaded, you need to extract them and drop into the root folder (don’t place it in any folders) of the MicroSD Card.


Safely eject the MicroSD card and place it in the WF32.

Launching the WF32

Once the WF32 has the MicroSD card, it’s time to launch everything. For us to find the WF32’s website, we need to find the IP Address of the WF32. Now it’s time to open the serial monitor!


Click on the serial monitor button to open up the monitor.


serial monitor

You can find the IP address in the Serial Monitor, it’ll look like any regular IP address.


Checking out the Website

Enter the IP address of the WF32 into your favorite internet browser and check out the website you made!

Below is mine:



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