SALE — Just in Time for the Holidays!

Last week we did a blog post on our favorite products for a Christmas Wishlist. That post so inspired the President of Digilent Inc., he decided that we should try something new… a Holiday Sale with some of our favorite products!


So introducing our first ever Holiday Sale–going on until the end of the year:



Four major sales which include two of our most popular boards, a project bundle, and a new product.

chipKIT WF32 + WS2812 LEDs

Getting into the holiday spirit, we are offering a bundle between our newest WS2812 LEDs with our popular Wi-Fi enabled chipKIT board.

The two products together have a total discount of 30%, which translates to receiving a free LED strip for every WF32 that you purchase!

Project Box with Digilent Stickers

Our newest product is our Project Box–or backpack protector case.  Since some of our products previously came in a cardboard box, we decided it was time to offer some better protection by introducing a hard-shelled case.


Enter the Project Box: we tested over fifteen different boxes, finally settling on this clear, travel-hardy case. This case boasts durable hinges, locking clasps, and a size that fits nearly every one of the Digilent academic boards. This product is a wonderful add-on to any order, and it’s perfect for carrying boards to and from school, or wherever our customers may travel. With every case comes a free sticker sheet featuring some of the most popular Digilent graphics, including Turbo, our MakerSpace robot!



Our two Most Popular Products: ZYBO and Analog Discovery Commercial Costs Cut!

Our students and universities always get the lowest prices that Digilent has to offer. However, this sale is to help cushion the pocketbooks of our non-student/university customers as well.


Both the Analog Discovery and the ZYBO are 15% and 20% off of the commercial price until the end of the year.


If you are an electronics enthusiast, or you desperately want to impress that special someone in your life while saving money, head on over to our sales page for more details!

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