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Digilent has been on the road quite a bit the past two years and although we had great reviews on conferences, we got a few requests to have workshops. After all, there is only so much you can learn from a speech or booth demonstration; hearing about a product isn’t as effective as getting to handle it yourself. Most of all, since we are big believers in hands-on-education for students… it only makes sense that we found a way to make hands-on-education for educators!

Introducing our first hands-on-workshop for educators.

Seattle-Educator-Workshop Digilent Hosted

Clint Cole, our founder and a Washington State University professor will be hosting the workshop. Below is his letter of invitation.

Students perform and learn better when they have their own design kits. At Washington State University, my student’s performance shot through the roof soon after I began requiring hands-on design projects in each assignment. That experience led me to start Digilent. Our continuing mission is to produce the best, most cost-effective electronics design kits on the planet.  During our free 90 minute session, I will share this vision for education, introduce several of our student-focused design kits, and show our rapidly expanding collection of totally free educational materials, including student ready design projects/assignments. As a fellow educator, I share your passion for providing the best education possible. I’m looking forward to meeting you at this workshop – I really hope you can join me. If you can make it, I will be able to provide you a free Analog Discovery, Basys2 FPGA digital design kit, or ChipKIT PRO kit as an opportunity to say “thanks!”.

We at Digilent think every student should build and test lots of analog, digital and microprocessor designs as a part of every assignment, and we’ve come up with some great kits to make that possible… Kits that cost less than a textbook, that are built around the world’s leading technologies, and that are USB-powered so students can complete real designs anytime, anywhere – either in or out of the lab.

Hands-On Design for Electrical Engineering Education. 
Hilton Seattle, 1301 6th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98101 
April 9, 2014 
6pm to 8pm


We’d love to see you there!

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