Demos for NI Week

Here at Digilent, we have been very busy getting ready to head down to the lovely city of Austin, Texas, to attend National Instruments NI Week conference. Check out the NI week website to get more information about the event.

Like many of the conferences Digilent attends, we will bring demos that were made by our team. Demos should be set up to appeal to passers-by. It’s important to appeal to people who don’t know much about your company and make it easy for them to familiarize themselves with your company’s mission and product line.


To start this process, you need to design a layout for your booth or your set up. You will need to know how much space is needed. We were able to procure two tables for our set-up.


The Snake Game


One of our biggest demos is our 900 LED board. A chipKIT uC32 is running the game Snake which was programmed through LabVIEW. We have showed off this board before but we have added some new features. There is now a high score tracker. And who doesn’t love friendly competition?


The Pmod Board

Digilent has an extensive peripheral module library. To show case some of these we have a lovely board that holds some of the modules. They are categorized into a couple different sections. This section shows the different uses of Pmods. If one doesn’t know much about Pmods, it will simplify the whole experience.

Check out the updated version at NI Week.

Pmod Plug and Play

Next to the Pmod Board is a new demonstration using Pmods. Using LabVIEW, we were able to get a couple Pmods working to demonstrate some of their capabilities. There are two different type of Pmods to use with this demo, SPI and I2C. This demo will show people some of the Pmods on the board next to it and give some ideas of how to use the Pmods.


Jousting Robots

Our last demonstration is our jousting robots using the chipKIT WF32 and LabVIEW. We have two robots that angle a joust at the other robot and are set to charge. When both robots are ready, they charge. Whichever hits the force sensor on the shield first will win that round. This demonstration shows off some of the robotic parts, the capabilities of LabVIEW, and the WiFi options of the chipKIT WF32.



Be sure to look out for Digilent’s booth at NI week. Come talk to us and get to know us. Try your hand at some of our demos and see if you can win anything!

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