Setting Up Your Own Makerspace

While it is always nice to have access to a official community space, sometimes it is important to set up your own makerspace in the comfort of home.

One of the nice things about making is that you do not always need the fanciest materials or tools to make something cool. Today, I will be going over what I keep in my “makerspace” in order to help you setup your own workspace. This will not necessarily encompass 100 % of what I have laying around but it will definitely go over the most commonly used items.

Let’s start with materials:


  • -Popsicle Sticks
  • -Zip Ties
  • -String
  • -Clothespins
  • -Cardboard
  • -Brads
  • -Paperclips
  • -Copper Tape

I am a huge fan of rapid prototyping, so I love having small bits and pieces laying around that I can use to quickly mock up a mechanic or design. This approach is designed to invite everyone to the world of making regardless of material or resource access.

My go-to material.


  • -Hot Glue
  • -Duct Tape
  • -Scissors

Although I do have access to 3d printer and a Dremel, which occasionally make appearances in my projects, I find myself primarily using the above three items to make things. It is also nice to have a pair of needlenose pliers if you find yourself working with metal or small parts.


  • -Microcontroller
  • -Breadboards
  • -Alligator Clips/Hookup Wires
  • -computer
  • -Firewire

As for the electronics side of my workspace, I usually keep it pretty simple with a microcontroller and a breadboard. However the Alligator clips make it easy to try out circuits and wiring ideas without having to commit to the act of soldering. A soldering iron is a really nice addition to this list as well as a desktop oscilloscope (I use the Analog Discovery 2).

Another good place to start if you are trying to compile a electronics workstation is the Project Starter Kit!

 This kit includes ” a wide range of sensors, actuators, and electronic components at a remarkably low cost, enabling the construction of an endless array of projects that can serve to inform beginners or empower experts.”

That just about wraps up the main cast featured in my home workspace, please feel free to comment below with any must have materials, tools or electronics you have at your desk!

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