Shipping 1, Claw game 0…did the Basys 3 Survive?

As you may have heard, the Basys 3 has completed it’s transition from beginning engineering student’s friend, to childhood nightmare. Thanks to it’s nearly perfect amount of Pmod ports, small size, and hefty FPGA interior, it was chosen to be the brain for The Claw Game.

The Basys 3!
The Basys 3!

After showing the potential we all knew the Basys 3 had, it was time for the claw game to have it’s grand debut. The title up for grabs was a headlining spot at ECEDHA, where top department heads could see the Basys 3 running the state machine in all of it’s devious glory. But first it had to face it’s greatest opponent yet; Shipping.

It’s trainers Mark and Evan gave it everything it needed to succeed. A perfectly fit box, a outfit of cushy packaging, and a label detailing; exactly where it needed to go to fight.

The Basys 3 was tucked away in a Digilent green box with it’s companions, the PmodSTEP triplets and the PmodJSTK. On that fateful Monday morning it stepped on to it’s ring, the shipping truck.

The next thing we knew we saw the box at our booth at ECEDHA, looking weathered but still alive… or so we thought. As it would turn out, it’s opponent shipping was much more than the Claw Game could handle; it had arrived in pieces.

The Claw Machine, or what was left of it.

Despite the wreckage of acrylic and PLA, the little green box, and the Basys 3 gave us hope. With lots of packing tape, hot glue and silently uttered pleas, the Claw Game was resurrected…

And the Basys 3 lived on! In the end it was decided to be a draw between Shipping and the Claw Game… so stay tuned for round two when the Basy-brained bully takes on transportation to our next trade show…ASEE!

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