Show and Tell Episode 2!

Show and Tell is a weekly segment where we focus on Digilent products and services that you may not know about. Larissa returns in the second episode to talk about one of our most popular tools, the Analog Discovery, and some of its accessories and add-ons (this includes the Analog Parts Kit).

The Analog Discovery is a tool that turns anyone’s desktop computer into a powerful instrumentation and measurement tool. It does this by using WaveForms, our free user interface software, to turn the PC and this hardware into any number of things: an oscilliscope, waveform generator, logic analyzer, pattern generator, power supplies, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, or digital I/O. With just this one tool and WaveForms, you would have access to the functionality that would otherwise cost a fortune in expensive bench-top instruments.


As Larissa mentions, we are currently beta testing WaveForms 3, which will also run on Mac and Linux. To learn more about Waveforms3 and to become a beta tester, you should become a member of the Digilent forum. The link to do so is in the comments for the WaveForms3 Beta – Scopes & Instruments – Digilent Forum video. Dave Jones from EEVblog also does a great review and in-depth tear-down!


We’re also very excited about some of the add-ons and other ways to use the Analog Discovery. We now have the fly wires available to purchase separately, and some old favorites are the mini grabber hooks. We also have the Analog Discovery BNC Connector Board for people who are afraid of cross-talk, find the breadboard wires to not work with their design style, or like having more traditional probes.


If you have any additional accessories that you like to use with your Discovery, or just want to share how you use yours, please make sure to comment. Otherwise, keep checking back for more Show and Tell videos!

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