Spotlight On: Digilent Design Contest’s Advisers

In each edition of the Digilent Design Contest we honor the best teams and projects with awards. We also recognize the efforts of the advisers with diplomas and appreciation speeches. Today we would like to shine the spotlight on them!

These advisers are instrumental in keeping the teams going, as they encourage students and support them with knowledge and tools when needed. Throughout the years we have had many dedicated advisers, and today we would like to mention a few of them here to let them know that their work is appreciated.

To start, we would like to recognize the professor with most decorated record. For the past few years this has been Prof. Liviu Breniuc, PhD , from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iasi, Romania.

Every year since 2011 (the 7th edition of the contest) Mr. Breniuc has mentored qualifying teams. His record includes two first prizes, one third prize, multiple honorable mentions and special prizes, plus two presences in the Worldwide Finals. Mr. Breniuc’s full professional achievements can be seen here.

Professor Breniuc with three of the participating and wining teams
Professor Breniuc with three of his teams

Mr. Istvan Oniga, from University of Debrecen in Hungary, is another consistent presence in our contests. With numerous enrollments and awards, including multiple third prizes and honorable mentions, he has played a great role. Having advised teams from universities in both Romania and Hungary, Mr. Oniga continues to encourage students to participate in competitions like the Digilent Design Contest, and he’s also present each year at the Finals. His biography can be checked out here!

Mr. Oniga awarded for his activity at 2016 Edition
Mr. Oniga awarded for his work in the 2016 Edition of the Digilent Design Contest.

Mr. Laurentiu Margarit, from Military Technical Academy in Bucharest, Romania, has also had very good results with the teams he has supervised over the years. His record includes second prize in both the European and Worldwide competitions, as well as special prizes and multiple enrollments. He specializes in communications and security.

Also deserving of recognition with a first prize and multiple mentions, Mr. Zoltan German-Sallo is another year-by-year presence in the competition. His areas of interest include data acquisition, electronic devices and digital signal processing.

Additionally, Professor Brassai Sándor Tihamér, from Sapientia University in Tirgu-Mures, Romania, has mentored students with very good results. This includes second prizes and international worldwide Finals participation. His research targets artificial intelligence, neural networks and digital reconfigurable systems.

We also want to mention Prof. PhD. Aurel Gontean, who has been a strong supporter of our products and technologies from the beginning of the competition.

The professors mentioned above are only a few of the many who put immense effort into guiding students with competition enrollment. We want to let everyone know that we appreciate their hard work and commitment, and we encourage them to continue dedicating themselves in transmitting knowledge to the students. It makes an incredible difference!

Make sure to keep an eye on the to see when the next edition of the contest will be launched! Also feel free to check out last year’s winners and their amazing projects!

The 2016 winners.
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