Spotlight on The Digilent Design Contest Winners – Part 2

Today we continue our examination of participants from past editions of the Digilent Design Contest. We talked to the winners of the 9th edition from 2013: Attila Vegh and Gabor Csire from Debrecen University, Hungary, with their project Automatic PCB drill and CNC machine. They also participated in the Worldwide Finals in China in 2014, where they won third prize.

Attila wrote to us:

I think this contest is a great opportunity for students to show their knowledge, skills and creative ideas. I was really happy that I could be part of this. I learned a lot of practical and useful skills (how to organize a group, how to design/build something in practice), and I also belonged to a great team. This contest helped me a lot in my career as well. Every time someone sees it on my CV, the first thing they ask is “why were you in China?”. It has opened a lot of great possibilities for me. I really enjoyed the contest itself, to see the other team’s success, ideas and goals. The worldwide trip was a good memory for me.

-Attila Vegh

Automatic PCB drill and CNC machine - First Prize
Automatic PCB drill and CNC machine

Sergiu Alexandru Costenciuc is one of the team members from the Anniversary 10th Edition contest, and he is from Gheorghe Asachi University in Iasi, Romania. Along with his colleague Alin Adochitei, he developed the Autoscaling Impedancemeter project in 2014. We caught up with both of them to hear how the experience impacted their lives and careers.

Participating in this contest felt like reinventing the world and it taught me the true meaning of the phrase “The best engineers are made outside of the classroom”.

First of all, it helped us discover the team spirit and taught us how to manage project time. It also showed us how to use resources, which allowed resourcefulness in our future projects and careers.  Second, we learned how to overcome the technical challenges and how to improve the development process in a way that ensures the success of any idea, no matter how hard it seems in the beginning.

Winning the first prize was a milestone achievement in my professional career and I couldn’t have done it without an involved team. Thanks to our supervisor, Prof. Liviu Breniuc, who managed to keep us motivated, and to my colleague, Alin Adochitei, who gave his time and effort beyond any reasonable expectation… I feel we succeeded in the quest to reinvent our world.

Of course it was also a huge boon for my career, making it easy for me to get hired at one of the world’s biggest companies in the automotive industry.

The organizers had an outstanding involvement, making the entire experience very enjoyable from the beginning to the very end. Their work was great and I look forward to seeing it continue in future contests.

– Sergiu Alexandru Costenciuc

For me to participate in the Digilent Design Contest was one of the most important life experiences and professional experiences I have had so far. The first thing we learned at this contest is that a good project requires a lot of effort, endeavor, and involvement to transform it into a great project. Additionally, during the preparation for our project we learned about project management and teamwork, all while developing technical skills.

Of course, all these experiences would not have been possible without the support of our teacher Prof. Liviu Breniuc, who shared his great experience with us. I would also like to thank my colleague, Sergiu Costenciuc, who was the best teammate ever.

Because this project gave me the chance to grow both professionally and personally, it was more easy to be hired at a corporation in the automotive industry.

Also, I want to give thanks to the organizers for the opportunity they offered for us to have this experience and for all of their support.

-Alin Adochitei

Autoscaling Impedancemeter - First Prize
Autoscaling Impedancemeter – First Prize

The 2015 edition had a very unique winning project. The very complex Portable Game Console was developed by a team of 4 people, including Serdar Sahin. They represented Insa de Toulouse, France, and were divided into two teams before reuniting in the Finals.

I had a very satisfying experience with the competition, as it allowed me to develop many technical and management skills. I managed to get an internship in digital electronic design thanks to the outcome of this competition and the technical skills it taught me. Today this achievement allowed me to pursue industrial PhD studies on digital communications with both a company and a laboratory of high reputation.

-Serdar Sahin

Portable Game Console - First Prize
Portable Game Console – First Prize

Eusebiu Burlacu, with his teammate Sebastian Pascu, winners of the 11th edition contest with their project Health and Security Cloud System, also shared their thoughts with us. They won the 2015 contest and hail from the Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania.

First of all, we want to thank you all for giving us the opportunity to take part at the Digilent Design Contest. Participating in the contest was a great challenge for us to put in practice the theory we learned at our classes. The latest technology and the variety of Digilent modules available makes developing things and ideas a pleasure. During the project development we learned a lot of new things that are still useful today in our engineering jobs. We encourage students to involve themselves in competitions and to use the latest technology available on the market.

-Eusebiu Burlacu

Health and Security Cloud System - First Prize
Health and Security Cloud System – First Prize

We are curious to see where these students will be in a couple of years and what’s going to happen with the more recent winners, so stay tuned as we will keep you updated about their achievements!


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