Recapping the Week: August 23-29

Welcome back to the academic year! Does it look like it’s going to be as busy of one for you as for us at Digilent? We have a slew of upcoming projects that we’re excited to show you. Stay busy and stay cool — we have workshops, projects, and helpful suggestions to make sure you stay occupied and on track!

Back to School and Looking Forward: A Letter from Clint Cole

After 15 years, we’re still hard at work building better tools for engineering education. We’re working more closely than ever with leading companies like Xilinx, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, and Linear Technology, and our shared mission is the same — to create tools and technologies that give students access to the most relevant technologies. And I can honestly say that we’re all still loving our jobs! Since joining with National Instruments almost two years ago, we’ve gained access to a larger group of world-class engineers and improved our manufacturing processes, but we’ve maintained our laser-focus on producing the best, lowest-cost teaching and learning kits for engineers.