Debouncing Circuits

Pushbuttons are an inherent source of problems inside of sensitive circuits. Ideally, we like to think that when a button is pressed it is either “pressed” or “not pressed” without any sort of funny business. Unfortunately, as pushbuttons are a mechanical component, a lack of funny business simply isn’t going to be the case.

Using Digital Multimeters

Have you recently gotten your hands on Digilent’s Autorange Digital Multimeter (DMM)? Are you just aching to start using it? Digilent’s Learn site has a couple of projects to get you started!

Richard Wall: SPI Synchronous Communication

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about using chipKIT Pro and synchronous communication in our Digilent Learn module that covers Richard Wall’s material (specifically, using an I2C protocol to communicate with the EEPROM). Today, we’re going to get into the tenth project in this series using the chipKIT Pro MX7.

Bundles All Around!

We’re very excited to announce that soon we’ll have a couple of cool new bundles! If you look in the coming soon category on our website, you can see we have a couple of different products that have been grouped together in convenient bundles.

A New Intern’s Experience Getting Started with chipKIT and Learn.Digilentinc!

Howdy! I’m the latest addition to the Digilent family, and I’m happy to make your acquaintance! As the newest member, my first task was to act as a guinea pig to test out our new Learn.Digilentinc webpage. After all, I was new to chipKIT, but I’m no fresh-faced newb (well… not much of a newb), I know my way around a microcontroller and this is hardly my first time blinking an LED, but I’m not a hardcore programmer or electrical engineer either, which was exactly what the Learn.Digilentinc website was created for. So I was asked to go through Digilent’s Learn site to familiarize myself with their hardware, and provide a little outside perspective on the tutorials. The following is a review of my experience with our Learn site, tutorials, and what sort of difficulties folks new to microcontrollers might have while learning the ropes on our hardware.

ASEE 2014 Recap

Here’s to another wonderful ASEE! Last week several of us went to Indianapolis to exhibit at the American Society for Engineering Education conference.