Hacking a Device to Use Batteries – Why Is It So Hard?

As you all have probably noticed, there are two mainstream ways that electronic devices are powered– by plugging its cord into a wall or through the use of batteries. But as our world becomes more mobile (in multiple senses of the word), it makes a lot of sense that a variety of devices are now using batteries as their source of “wireless” power. However, there are still quite a few things out there that need to be plugged into a wall. While this makes sense for large devices like a welding machine, you’ll still find most table top fans need to be plugged into the wall socket. What is preventing this change from happening?

Introducing the Pmod Video Series

Recently, one of our hardworking interns started a new video series. You may have seen James’ blog series about Pmods. Now there’s a video component as well! James begins the series by introducing Pmods and talking about their history.