Recapping the Week: May 3-9

We hope this week been good for you. As graduation nears for many universities, we know you’re busy. We’ve worked on a couple of really cool projects, including some things for workshops and upcoming conferences. Have a good weekend!

Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws

In one of my first circuits courses, the professor’s favorite words of advice were to “keep calm and remember KCL, KVL, and Ohm’s law.” With these three concepts, just about any electrical circuit can be analyzed and understood. Granted, things get a little more complicated when you add concepts like inductance and capacitance, but KCL, KVL, and Ohm’s law form the foundation of all circuit analysis. Brandon mentioned Ohm’s law in his blog post on how to choose a resistor for your design, so I will only be discussing KCL and KVL.