3D-Printable Turbo!

As you all know, we got a new mascot for the Digilent MakerSpace. He is a happy, little barrel-shaped robot named Turbo. So far, Turbo has only been a 2-dimensional mascot.

3D Modeling with Blender

We have made a few posts showing off our 3D printers and some of the classes on 3D printing that we have done here at Digilent. Garrett Mace from macetech.com showed us some of the basics on how to use various 3D modeling software like AutoDesk Inventor, Autodesk 123D Design, OpenSCAD, MeshMixer, and SketchUp. Today, I’m going to introduce some of the basic modeling tools available in the free but robust Blender.

3D Printing Makerspace Class

Now that another week has passed, it is time for a more recent MakerSpace update! A few weeks ago, James wrote a blog post about one of the 3D printers that we were entrusted with. In addition to the 3D Touch, we were also charged with a MakerBot Replicator 2. Having two printers on loan, Larissa decided that it was about time for a training session on the basic use and care of the 3D printer. Two Fridays ago, we had an introductory class on the new 3D printers, and last Friday was a class on basic 3D design.

3D Printing

Recently, Digilent was entrusted with a Bits From Bytes 3D printer to use as we wish, with the stipulation that we take good care of it. A number of people here are versed in proper operation and maintenance of 3D printers, so the offer was gladly accepted.