Open-Source MRK+Line robot

In keeping with our open-source initiative, the Digilent Marketing Team used open-source parts to build a robot. This is an altered version of the MRK Line Robot, which uses only open-source components.

Solar Powered Robot — UV Index vs. Solar Energy

If you’ve been around the Digilent Blog, you’ve probably seen a lot of robots. Remember Susan the Line-Following Pig? Well, I recently found a small, portable solar panel in the MakerSpace at Digilent and I was inspired to build a solar-powered robot. Similar to Susan, I will be using the chipKIT Pro MX4 and the Digilent Motor Robot Kit (MRK) for my solar-powered design. However, when I first came up with this idea, it was the middle of winter. That being said, sunlight was quite a bit more scarce, especially up here in Pullman, WA. I first had to ask an important question: will I have enough sun?

Aleph 1.0, the Internet-Controlled Microscope Robotic Manipulator

Aleph 1.0 is a remote-controlled robotic manipulator for biological or chemical probes. Its purpose is to allow scientists to safely manipulate and analyze biohazardous or toxic substances, or to simply observe or interact with small probes and/or devices that must be contained in controlled environments. Instructables user kovari_andrei provides a tutorial for doing just that. It uses the chipKIT Pro MX7, and we’re thrilled to see our products being used in such cool ways.

The “Boring” Robot

Two California hotels tested autonomous service robots over a six-month period. Reviews from their customers were overwhelmingly positive (except when aforementioned customers were intoxicated). They will be rolling out their next wave of autonomous service robots, called the Relay.