Recapping the Weekend: March 22-28

We hope you’ve had a good week! It’s been a pleasant week for those of us at Digilent, After a fun time at ECEDHA, we’ve been enjoying a quieter week at Digilent. We’re very much looking forward to sharing some of the cool things we’ve been working on.

SALE ALERT for the NetFPGA Sume!

Since our release of the NetFPGA-SUME at the beginning of this year, this board has gotten a lot of attention. It’s easy to see why, after all, it’s powered by the Xilinx Virtex-7 690T FPGA, a behemoth of a chip with over half a million logic cells and is perfect for applications like cyber security, imaging, and high-throughput data (as a point of reference, the next closest competitor to this processor available for purchase is the Altera Stratix V.) And now it’s on sale!