A Crash Course on Linux (Just The Good Parts)

Originally, this blog post was going to be about how Linux works with its kernel and everything. That turned out to be extremely dry, and it was a jumbled mess to try to fit everything into a blog post. Just check out the Linux wiki page for all that stuff. Instead this post is going to be more about parts of Linux that people should know about. Linux is used widely for developing software and embedded systems. One example is the Zybot, partially developed by Kaitlyn and me!

Recapping the Week: March 15-21

After a fun time at ECEDHA, we’ve been enjoying a quieter week at Digilent. It’s spring break in the college town of Pullman, which means a good deal of peace. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the most ecologically responsible way we could. Check out what we’ve been up to now!

Dual-Booting Windows and Ubuntu

If you have a computer, you may have heard of Linux. Linux is a free ad open-source operating system, where the “base” code can be used and modified by anyone. Some of Digilent’s boards (like the ZYBO) use Linux. Linux is great for programming and development, but isn’t as user-friendly as other operating systems.