Build a Tentacle Launchpad

What’s better than building your own Animatronic Tentacle? Building your own LUNGING Animatronic Tentacle. Whether your intent is to petrify your co-workers or profess your undying love, this is the project for …

Recapping the Week: February 8-14

This week, we’ve been quite busy gearing up for Valentine’s Day — and we wish you a happy one! Without further ado, let’s round up some of the fun stuff we’ve done at Digilent and other cool links from around the web that we like. Check them out!

Valentine’s Day, MakerSpace Style!

Last week, some of us interns were getting restless and started talking about Valentine’s Day. We decided we should not just talk about it, but do something about it. After all, what is Valentine’s day but an opportunity to show your significant other, undefined relationship partner, platonic friend or anyone how awesome electronics are?!