ZYBO Smart Car

The ZYBO Smart Car was developed by Digilent China. It is one of the items in the Zrobot line, the educational kit solely developed by Digilent China. The smart car is powered by the Digilent ZYBO that features Xilinx Zynq technology. Users can control the robot from an Android phone using the Bluetooth interface within 20m. The OS is Linux. Users can develop the software and Linux driver using Xilinx Vivado.

What Is an IP and How Do You Create One?

The acronym IP probably means a lot of things to a lot of different people. But to those of us in the world of FPGAs, it’s something special. IP stands for intellectual property. Intellectual property can be a lot of things, but when I say intellectual property I’m talking about the libraries of HDL (hardware design language) modules that are available for your use. Users and companies build IPs for use, so that designs are easier and faster to build.

Digilent Zynq-Based Boards in The Zynq Book

I recently found another exciting example of Digilent boards in an academic textbook! The Zynq Book is a handy tool for a deeper understanding of “sophisticated” devices and as the first look at the Zynq System on Chip (SoC). In fact this is Digilent’s mission: to bring engineering to every interested person through affordable materials.

Joint E-elements Workshop at Taiwan and the Growing Worldwide Maker Community

Before I conducted the joint CoreEL workshop in September, I went to Taiwan to show educators how to teach electronics using the Digilent Analog Discovery and chipKIT. This was a joint effort with E-elements Technology, Digilent’s distributor and Xilinx’s academic training partner in Taiwan. Field application engineers from E-elements showcased the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable Systems on Chip (SoC) with the Digilent ZEDboard.