Can We Make a WF32 Using Other chipKIT Products?

The chipKIT uC32 is a prototyping board that a form factor allowing the attachment of our chipKIT shields. The WF32 is a prototyping board that has a built-in WiFI module. So if the WF32 has a WiFi module, and the uC32+WiFi Shield has a Wifi Module, then the uC32 + WiFi = WF32 right? Well… not quite.

Shields vs Pmods: Good vs Better?

Today we’re going to compare two different ways of increasing the functionality of a system board: Pmods and shields. Those of you have that have been following the Digilent Blog know that Pmods are Digilent’s series of peripheral modules with 6-12 pins that can easily be connected to appropriate pins on a system board to provide extra functionality and include audio amplifiers, GPS receivers, USB to UART interface, seven-segment displays, accelerometers, H-bridges with input feedback, analog-to-digital converters, and much more. For the rest of you who have been in this sector of the electronics industry, you know that shields are a type of board that you can plug directly on top of your microcontroller in a nice pin-to-pin fashion for expanded functionality. Although you might suspect which of these two items I prefer, we’ll check out the advantages of both of them.