#TBT: Bringing Back the Blinky Ugly Sweater

It’s that time of year again! Whether you think it’s too soon or not, the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, but the frosty weather (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) has already led to some decking of the halls. In fact, I have my first Ugly Sweater Party of the year next week. But how can I get the blingiest, most blinding sweater out there?

The Blinky Ugly Sweater is the answer. Created by Digilent’s own Sam Logan last year, it turns an already ugly sweater into a masterpiece of disturbing holiday cheer. By using a small microcontroller, like the Fubarino Mini or the chipKIT uC32, with a breadboard and some wires, you too can make your party attire shine.

Sam attached LEDs to his sweater. On the underside of the sweater, he made LED circuits with his microcontroller and the wires. He included the code used in his Instructable. Follow the instructions and you should be golden. Or whatever color LED you chose.

Go forth and shine at your holiday parties!



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