The 10th annual EU Digilent Design Contest: Another success in innovation


It’s been a exciting weekend here in Romania, and the 10th edition of the EU Digilent Design Contest is now in the books! What started 10 years ago as a small contest held at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has turned into something much bigger. Since then, we’ve sponsored contests in the USA, China, and India, and our Romanian contest now covers the entire EU!


As you’d expect, in 10 years these contests have gotten better and better. This year we had nearly 60 applicants, and after a selection process, 30 teams (students working alone or in pairs) were chosen to present at the contest. On Saturday, all 30 of these teams presented their hard work in front of nine judges. After that, the nine best projects were chosen. On Sunday, those nine teams went head-to-head in front of all the participants and judges in order to determine who would be the victor. It was hard work deciding between them, and the results speak for themselves.



First Prize: Autoscaling Impedancemeter

By Alin-Marian Adochitei and Sergiu-Alexandru Costenciuc

Second Prize: GFX Processor

By Aron Feher

Third Prize: Real time digital circuit design tool in FPGA with SVGA interface

By Cristian Ignat

Microchip Award: Drive Assistant

By Catalin Marian Miu

Microchip Award: Smart Storm Hunter

By Marius Carp and Sebastian Pascu

Honorable Mention: Persistence of Vision RGB

By Iulian-Cosmin Calciu and Ioan-Vladimir Oltean

Honorable Mention: CPU Analyzer

By Alexandru Savu

Honorable Mention: Sharp House

By Maxim Ciuntu and Diana Georgiana Asofiei

ARM Award: Driver Drowsiness Detection System

By Augustin Bogdan Țogorean and Flavius Vlasa-Florea


For a complete list of all the teams and their projects, please visit the contest website.


Each of the teams that presented got to keep all the Digilent hardware they used, and the winners received cash prizes on top of that!


All in all, it another awesome year for student innovation. Remember that these students took on this challenge, and the months of preparation it demanded, while holding down all their regular classwork. This is exactly the kind of thing that Digilent has been about from its inception — empowering students (of all ages) with hands-on access to the latest technologies. Here’s to at least another 10 great years!


Stay tuned for the results from more contests, as well as our world finals in Shanghai.

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