The EE Board is a Huge (40% off) Deal!

Every student that I encountered in my Analog Circuits class dreamed of having one thing… an EE Board. Generally they were in love with its features: 4 channel Oscilloscope, 2 channel AWG, triple output power supplies, 4 channel voltmeter, and 32 Digital Signals! But unfortunately for many, it didn’t fit in their price range.

The EE Board, which is now even more of a gem.
The EE Board, which is now even more of a gem.

Well I have great news for all of those students, engineers, and hobbyists that have dreamed of owning an Electronics Explorer Board, it’s currently 40% off! What was once 659.99 is now 399.99, what a deal.


If you want to get a head start on learning about the capability of an EE board or have one already, check out some of the previous blog posts discussing each of it’s tools, here’s one to get you started.

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