The Finals of the Digilent Design Contest are Almost Here!

It’s been about five months since the students received the hardware and started to build their projects, and we are getting more and more excited to see the projects in their final forms.

In May 11th, over 20 teams from Europe will gather to Cluj-Napoca in Romania to present their hard work from the past months and compete in order to get the prizes. We have had some incredible projects and teams in the past, and are excited about what we see so far from this years contestants!

A past project, the Wearable Wellness System.

The jury will have a very difficult task this year as the projects come from very diverse fields. This includes projects with impaired assistance devices, to sorting and cataloging valuable antique books. Projects also involve themes of communication, image and video processing, Internet of Things, virtual reality and autonomous cars.

There is so much to tell about each project and student that is participating. We have new teams, new participants, people returning for a second chance with even better projects than the ones presented in the past years, along with past prize winners returning for the 1st place. The projects are highly technical and challenging… they promise to use up the the last logic cell in our FPGA system boards!

The projects are public here, but on incognito mode. As the final evaluation deadline arrives all the projects will be public and downloadable from Digilent Design Contest Website

Stay tuned to see all the entries!

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