The Grand (and Cheap) Chip-Oscope

What happens when you have no money, the need to measure electronic signals and waveforms, and one chipKIT Uno32? The answer is this project by  that makes an oscilloscope using the chipKIT Uno32.

This project is based on the Arduino oscilloscope by  and was modified to work with chipKIT (it would also work like a dream on the uC32). To do this project, you’ll need a chipKIT board, the Basic I/O Shield, a breadboard, an LED, a 10K resistor, a 4.7K resistor, a 1K resistor, a 100nF electrolytic capacitor, and jumper cables.

Download the file enclosed in the chipKIT project to get started. You’ll also need the IOShieldOled library. You’ll have to configure the other parts as shown in the videos.

Get started on this simple project, and then use your new oscilloscope. Have you made your own oscilloscope on the cheap with different products than these? Let us know if you have!


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