The “Hidden” Gems of WaveForms 2015 – Part 3


In part 2 of this series I discussed three of the hidden gems of WaveForms 2015, including the paper and pencil icon, plot labels, and plot color. In this post I’ll continue uncovering some of the hidden gems of WaveForms 2015.


This is another one that I had no idea existed until recently. In the plot window within the gear menu there are several type of measurements you can take in the plot.

The three measurement icons are the grey rulers with the blue arrow or measurements.

Free measurements takes a measurement between any two mouse clicks.

An example using the free measurement tool.

Vertical works the same as free except it sticks to the signals.

An example using the vertical measurement tool.

Pulse measures the pulse width, frequency, period and duty cycle.

The pulse measurement tool in the Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer tool.


Cursors can be added from the cursor window, or from the x or y symbols on the plot window. You can add x cursors and y cursors in the Oscilloscope and x cursors in the Logic Analyzer, Network Analyzer, and Spectrum Analyzer. A single cursor will show positions on the traces.

A single cursor added to the Network Analyzer.

A delta cursor will show the differences between the two traces in a variety of units depending on the tool. 

Delta cursor set too measure one decade of change in the Network Analyzer.

The view menu:

The view menu at first inspection might seem like it would just give you different options on how to view the data, and that would be kind of correct. It does give you different ways to view the data, but not in the traditional way. It will instead give you different types of plots and measurement tools. The options are different depending on the tool.

Some examples of the view menu in different tools.

Now that you know about¬†three more hidden gems, stay tuned to the blog for more of the hidden gems of WaveForms 2015. If you’d like to see these for yourself, WaveForms 2015 can be downloaded for free!

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