The Human Jukebox at Maker Faire

Everyone from the MakerSpace at Digilent had a great time at the Maker Faire in San Mateo last weekend!

We all were able to bring some of our own projects to the table to show everyone who visited our booth. I am here to talk about the project that I brought, the “human jukebox”. The project was a huge hit and turned plenty of heads. We even adopted one of the speakers from the TrashAmps booth, since the speaker we brought wasn’t very powerful. Kaitlyn was more than happy to showcase the project and even tried to sneak into the tech fashion show!

Katelyn the Human Jukebox
Kaitlyn, the amazing human jukebox.

The human jukebox was an idea that Sam Lowe and I came up with as a Halloween costume. We took a cardboard box and painted it red. From there, we took some conductive paint made by Bare Conductive and painted on the “buttons”. We also etched out some grooves to put some EL wire to make the buttons stand out more! From that point, we stuck wires through the painted buttons that we connected to our chipKIT uC32. To get the buttons to work, we used a capacitive touch library that was ported from Arduino to work for the PIC32, as well as a Protoshield to solder in the parts we needed. We then took these button inputs and used a OneSheeld to send commands to my Android phone using the OneSheeld app. This allowed us to play, pause, change the track, or change the volume coming out of my phone. For more information on how we made it or to make your own, check out our Instructable here.

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