The Open Source Robot Initiative

Here at Digilent, we love talking about robots. You can check out the Susan, the Susan Squad, Susan’s Return, the ZedBot and the ZYBOt, the Line-Following Brothers, and an entire series about Robots For Cheap. (And we can’t forget Turbo!)


We love robots
We love robots!


We love robots so much, we want you guys to help us make more awesome robots. You can already check out some of the items tagged Digilent from Repables, and there’s a bunch of great robot components already. But we want your help to make more robot parts for everyone to use. High-quality, open-source robot parts are what we want– anything from a different platform base to adding more functionality (maybe controllable robot arms).


The marketing team is cooking up some fun giveaways right now to send out to the best authors!

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  1. We’re only going to take submissions from We are going to keep the submissions limited to one website.

    I hope this helps clear things up!

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