Tools for the Electronics Hobbyist

In 2010, I decided to go back to school and earn my degree. After a few semesters of class and a few months working part time retail at RadioShack, I had learned a few things and decided to start building. At the time, all I had were some Craftsman screwdrivers that my dad had given me for Christmas, a few pliers, some wire cutters, and a hammer. Basically the kind of stuff you would find in an all-in-one homeowner’s tool kit. Needless to say, those tools weren’t really helpful when it came to building a motion sensing AC switch, or soldering together some under-cabinet lighting. I needed to get the right tools for the job at hand.


Some hobbyist tools I've acquired.
Some hobbyist tools I’ve acquired.


Fast forward to today and I’ve got quite a different story to tell. I’ve been able to acquire many tools since then, and they have been nothing but useful. But putting my collection together took several years, as I made do with what I had until I could either find the right tool, or afford to pay for it.

I decided to make a list and share it to make it easier for others to follow in my steps, hopefully avoiding the struggle that is not having the right tool for the job.

Check out the Instructable here.

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