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Hello! In case you haven’t heard, Digilent has been hosting the illustrious blog giveaway for the last couple of weeks, and we are pleased to report that it has been quite the success. However, as with many such enterprises, the rules have evolved slightly since we began.


We are still adhering to the original rules, but this post is intended to update you gentle readers on a couple of changes, as well as serve as a quick-and-easy guide to how to enter and win some of our fabulous prizes!

A couple important updates!

The blog will only be holding a giveaway once every 2 weeks, and giveaway items will be decided on Fridays. We will draw a winner on Monday and send out prize or promo code by Wednesday. An individual is only allowed one win per month, however we heartily encourage you to continue following and commenting! Additionally the quality of your comments and interaction with the blog can absolutely increase your chances of winning. We use a Ticket-Tier system to allocate how many times your name is entered in the drawing. The better your comment, the better your chances of winning!

We have detailed the Ticket-Tier system below:

Valid blog comment or social media share 1 Ticket Entered
Asking a question on blog or sharing favorite blog posts on social media 2 Tickets Entered
Awnsering a question or providing helpful documentation 3 Tickets Entered
Remarkably helpful, insightful or extensive comment on a blog post 4 Tickets Entered



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2 Comments on “Updated Blog Giveaway Rules”

  1. Is it ANY valid blog comment on the whole Digilent site or only on the Giveaway posts?

    How about for product reviews? With the new website there are a lot of “This product hasn’t received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product!”

    1. Hi B. Troyer,
      A valid blog comment is on any blog post.

      The blog giveaway is only related to the blog, sharing via social media or commenting on blog posts.

      This means product reviews are not included in the blog giveaway. However, if you want to say something about any a Digilent product, please write a review!


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