WaveForms 2015 is now WaveForms 3

Last week we released the newest version of WaveForms, WaveForms 3.7.5. To view all of the changes implemented in that version check out last week’s post. One of the biggest changes to the software was the change of the name… I’m excited to announce that WaveForms 2015 is now WaveForms 3!

Those of you that had the original version of WaveForms will remember that WaveForms Legacy was called WaveForms 2, and when we beta tested WaveForms 2015 it was WaveForms 3. Due to customer feedback (and the fact that it is now 2018) we’ve decided to remove 2015 from the name. While WaveForms 2015 was called WaveForms 2015, we still proceeded with several updates a year following standard numbering convention.

It’s always best practice to keep your software up to the latest version, since each version provides bug fixes, new features and sometimes even a new tool! But how do you know which version you have? There are a couple of ways. If you want to see if your software is up to date you can open the help menu and click on About.

This will open the About Window, where you’ll see the WaveForms Logo. At the bottom of the window you’ll find the version. In my case I have the newest version, which is version 3.7.5. The 3 Indicates that this is a version of WaveForms 3 (Previously WaveForms 2015), similar to how Windows 8.1 is a version of Windows 8.

Now that you know what version you have, you’ll need to know what the most recent version is. The most recent version of WaveForms is loaded onto the WaveForms Wiki Page. You’ll find the version number in the information box on the right hand side of the page.

You can get to this page either by going to reference.blog.digilentinc.com and selecting WaveForms from the software drop down or clicking check for update in the Help menu in WaveForms. If you are interested in the changelog or any of the previous versions, click on “Previous Versions” in the same infobox.

Here you’ll find all the previous versions of WaveForms and their respective changelogs. In addition to the Version number we’ve also included some visual cues.

If you have WaveForms 2 (previously WaveForms Legacy), you’ll see the WaveForms icon below:

If you have any version of WaveForms 3 (previously WaveForms 2015) prior to 3.7.5, you’ll see the following logo:

And lastly, if you have the most recent version, you’ll see the new WaveForms logo:

If you have any questions about software names or versioning feel free to comment below. For any technical questions about WaveForms, search or start a new thread on the Digilent forum.

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