Recapping the Week: August 9th-14th

What do you have planned this weekend? With back to school season in full swing, many of here at Digilent are set on enjoying our last precious days of freedom. Our final few days have been spent finishing up summer projects, preparing for back to school and gazing sorrowfully out the window as we think about the freedom we are about to say goodbye to.

But enough about us buying books and our longing looks, check out some highlights from this past week!

Getting started with electronics. James shares his story on how he got into the electronics world.
Screenshot by Quinn Sullivan. Quinn shares some valuable tips on shaking the summer blues and getting a good start on the school year.
The Snake Game at Digilent's Booth in the Academic Forum at NI Week 2015 - Courtesy of Digilent Facebook  James gives some pointers on how to set up an engaging display.
WP_20150804_017 Josh shows off an incredible demo he saw during NI Week involving home automation!



Cool things happening in the tech world:

Startup makes new earbuds dubbed “superhuman hearing 1.0”.

Rhett Allain and WIRED make the case for why students should be coding in physics class.

Daniel Cooper at Engadget break down the realities of a $50 smartphone.

Have a great weekend!

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